Half Shell Scallops with Chilli Jam




Peel and segment the limes, reserving all the juices in a bowl. Add the finely sliced shallots and spring onions, and mix together with the tomatoes. Place a small amount of the chilli jam on top of each scallop and place under a warm grill. The jam will caramelise slightly as the scallop cooks. Serve scallops whilst still warm on a serving platter with the lime salad, and the drizzle the reserved lime juice on top. Enjoy!

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  • I have a question about the ingredients in this recipe.
    Judging from the photo, I can’t see that there are any tomatoes in the onion topping. And it appears there might be some oil as an emulsifying agent.
    Which leads to the question….Are all ingredients listed? Or is this photo for a different recipe?
    Thanks for entertaining the question. I am wanting to serve this on Christmas Eve. ?

    Becky Sloan

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