Skincare Ingredients Glossary

Know what you're putting on your skin!

At Vasse Virgin we only use high-quality natural ingredients to make our skincare products. Find out exactly why each of the ingredients we use are used and how they benefit your skin.



almond glycerides (almond base)

High quality emollient and skin conditioner made from almond oil

aloe vera

aloe barbadensis miller

Amazing for skin hydration, promotes new cell growth and helps soothe sunburn and windburn.

apricot kernel oil

prunis armeniaca

Rich in oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it is absorbent and nourishing for soothing and moisturising skin.

argan oil

argania apinosa

Helps to boost the skin's barrier function and works to control sebum in skincare. Often used on hair for its ability to gloss, strengthen and lock in moisture.

avocado virgin oil

persea americana

An extremely soft, hydrating moisturiser for the skin packed with vitamins, proteins and antioxidants. Touted for its ability to increase collagen levels.


benzoin resin

styrax benzoin

Astringent and antiseptic, this sticky resinous gum is secreted from the Styrax Benzoin tree and is known for its healing properties.

bergamot oil

citrus bergamia

A natural cleanser perfect for oily skin types due to its ability to balance sebum and unclog pores. Has an uplifting sweet citrus scent.

black pepper oil

piper nigrum

Used in anti-aging skincare, black pepper oil is high in antioxidants, meaning it fights free radicals while boosting the skin's circulation and metabolism. Fresh and spicy smelling.

blood orange oil

citrus sinensis

High in Vitamin C with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Helps maintain healthy looking skin.

borage seed oil

borago officinalis

A calming and nourishing oil ideal to treat skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis psoriasis and rosacea. Also great for use on mature or sunburned skin.

broccoli seed oil

brassica oleracea italica

High in skin-soothing fatty acids, broccoli seed oil calms and soothes irritated skin while delivering intense hydration. It's light and non-greasy, meaning it doesn't clog pores.


calendula oil

calendula officinialis

A soothing, healing and antiseptic ingredient perfect for irritated, dry skin.

caprylyl glycol

A humectant that assists the skin with hydration and creating a protective moisture barrier to prevent future damage.

carrot oil

daucus carota linn

High in anti-oxidants, carrot oil maintains skin elasticity, aids with dry skin problems and rejuvenates the base layer of the skin.

cassia oil and ground cassia

cinnamomum cassia

A close relative to cinnamon, cassia is an invigorating ingredient that boosts circulation and prevents microbial growth.

castor oil


A bacteria-fighting natural humectant that helps protect the skin against harsh environmental conditions.

cetearyl alcohol

An emollient used in skin and hair care to soften, stabilise and heal.

chamomile oil

matricaria chamomille

An anti-inflammatory ingredient high in antioxidants, that stimulates skin growth and repair, soothes sensitive skin and heals irritation.

cinnamon bark oil

cinnamomum zeylanicum

A natural astringent with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, cinnamon bark oil cleans the skin and encourages circulation. A warm and spicy aroma.

cinnamon oil

cinnamomum zeylanicum

A natural astringent that works to boost circulation and keep the skin clean. A warm and spicy aroma.

citric acid

A natural chemical exfoliant, derived through the fermentation of corn. Packed with antioxidants to soothe and protect the skin's barrier, citric acid exfoliates away dead skin cells to clean, smooth and even out texture.

coco glucoside (vegetable base)

A natural plant-based surfactant that gently cleanses the skin.

cocoa butter

theobroma cacao

Packed with natural antioxidants to prevent rancidity, cocoa butter has an extremely long shelf life. An excellent moisturising agent for the skin. Has a soft, sweet cocoa aroma.

cocoamidopropyl betaine (vegetable base)

Fatty acid naturally derived from coconut oil. It gently cleanses while washing away oil and dirt.

coconut oil

cocos nucifera

Coconut oil is used to lubricate the skin and condition the hair, and creates an oily, protective barrier on the skin great for natural sun protection.

ground cinnamon

cinnamomum zeylanicum

An exfoliant with cleansing properties and rich concentration of antioxidants. Can also boost circulation and has a warm and spicy aroma.

german chamomile oil

matricaria chamomilla

An anti-inflammatory ingredient high in antioxidants, that stimulates skin growth and repair, soothes sensitive skin and heals irritation.


desert lime extract

citrus glauca

Contains a high concentration of Vitamin C, desert lime encourages collagen production and damage repair. Helps to even out tone and texture to rejuvenate dull, tired skin.

distearate (vegetable base)

A creamy, waxy skin conditioning agent that 'pearlises' the skin with lustre and shimmer.


australian extra virgin olive oil

olea europaea

High in anti-oxidants, offers intense hydration and quick absorption into the skin.

emulsifying wax

PEG-20 stearate

Imparts emollience and adds creamy look and feel to our creams & lotions.

evening primrose oil

oenothera biennis

Renowned for its high fatty acid content and, in particular, a high quantity of Gamma Linoleic Acid, Omega-6 and Linoleic Acid. Anti-inflammatory and soothing, evening primrose oil is popular for use on dry or irritated skin.


flaxseed oil

An anti-inflammatory natural oil used to help prevent and relieve problematic or irritated skin. Rich in vitamin E, flaxseed oil is renowned in haircare for its ability to treat hair loss and stimulate growth.


ginger oil

zingiber officinale

Known for its stimulating and healing properties, ginger oil is a powerful cleanser that soothes redness and gets rid of bacteria. Has a warm, spicy, woody scent.

grapefruit oil

citrus paradisi

An exfoliant high in Vitamin C that helps cleanse the skin and improve appearance of dull, ageing or inflamed skin.

golden hemp oil

cannabis sativa seed oil

A light oil perfect for all skin types - including oily - golden hemp oil moisturises without clogging pores and balances sebum production.


horsetail herb


An anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory natural cleanser that balances and tightens skin while boosting collagen production and protecting against free radicals. A natural source of silica that can improve hair growth and strength.

hyaluronic acid


A powerful humectant that helps skin retain moisture, boosting complexion and radiance. Our material is from bacterial fermentation using glucose that is corn derived to create the hyaluronic acid in a biofermentation process. The product is classified as natural and used in natural and organic cosmetic manufacturing.



jojoba oil

simmondsia chinensis

High in anti-oxidants, jojoba maintains skin elasticity, aids with dry skin and rejuvenates the base layer of your skin.


green kaolin clay

A powerful clay that draws toxins from the skin and removes excess oil without causing irritation.

kakadu plum extract

terminalia ferdinandiana

A rich source of Vitamin C, kakadu plum isan excellent antioxidant for the skin. It has the highest-known concentration of natural Vitamin C of any single natural food source in the world.

kukui nut oil

aleurites triloba

Containing essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, kukui nut oil help soothe dry skin and moisturise dry, damaged hair.


lauryl glucoside (vegetable base)

A plant-based, gentle surfactant naturally derived from coconut oil that improves cleansing abilities.

lavender oil

lavandula angustifolia

Calms irritated or stressed skin with strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

lemon myrtle oil

backhousia citriodora

An Australian native plant, lemon myrtle is a natural astringent rich in anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties to keep skin clean and clear. Intense, uplifting citrus smell.

lemon oil

citrus limon

Astringent properties which can counter act overproduction of sebum in the skin. Fresh, citrus-y and uplifting.

lemongrass oil

cymbopogon flexuosus

Lemongrass oil tightens is an antiseptic astringent that removes impurities and detoxifies the skin. Has a strong herbaceous and citrusy aroma,

lime oil

citrus aurantifolia

Antibacterial properties help clear congestion and balance oily skin while tightening pores. Has a fresh, sweet, citrusy smell.


sodium hydroxide

A very-alkaline substance used for soap saponification.

Licorice root

Glycyrrhiza glabra

An anti-inflammatory skin brightener that works to inhibit melanin production and soothe irritation.


ground mustard

brassica alba

An anti-fungal and anti-bacterial natural exfoliant that is gentle on skin with acne and rashes.

mandarin oil

citrus reticulata

An antibacterial astringent that works to balance oily or dry skin back to normal. Has a sweet, fresh and cheerful scent.

Manuka honey

Antibacterial Manuka honey balances skin's pH levels, sloughs away debris and treats inflammation.

meadowfoam seed oil

Limnanthes alba

A light, plant-based oil and natural emollient suitable for all skin types, meadowfoam seed oil seals in moisture and softens skin. In haircare it deeply hydrates, detangles and de-frizzes, leaving a health and non-greasy shine.


ground nutmeg

myristica fragrans

A natural exfoliant that balances oil and tightens pores, ground nutmeg can also help with evening out hyperpigmentation and restoring the skin's moisture barrier.


orange oil

citrus sinesis

High in Vitamin C, orange oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties to fight against free radicals and promotes even skin texture, clarity and radiance.

organic apple fruit extract

pyrus malus

Rich in Vitamin C, apple fruit extract brightens dullness and smoothes roughness. In haircare, apple fruit extract prevents hair loss and deeply moisturises the scalp.


ground paprika

capsicum annuum

Not just used for its bright, natural colour, ground paprika is packed with beta-coretene and iron to help prevent sun spots and pigmentation.

ground pumice


A natural exfoliant known for its ability to remove calluses, dry skin and dead skin cells from the entire body.

patchouli oil

pogostemon cablin

Anti-fungal and antiseptic properties soothes inflamed skin and improves vibrancy. Has a relaxing, hypnotic, sensual scent.

peru balsam oil

myroxylon pereirae

Great for dry, chapped skin, this anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredient has regenerative properties. Has a delicate powdery, fruity and woody scent.

petitgrain oil

citrus aurantium

An anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredient used to calm and heal irritated, problematic skin. Has a sweet and fresh aroma similar to orange flowers, but with woody undertones.


Used as a slow-acting preservative in skincare, and a stabiliser in soaps and perfumes.

phenoxyethanol caprylyl glycol

A preservative that inhibits the growth of yeast, moulds and bacteria in products, while boosting its efficacy.

pink clay

A natural soap colourant rich in Silica to smooth skin and lock in moisture.

pink grapefruit oil

citrus x paradisi

A natural exfoliant used to rid the skin of dirt and grime and to 'wake up' dull, sallow skin.

pomelo oil

citrus grandis

Pomelo is known to help with cell regeneration and cell repair while combatting pigmentation and decreasing sebum production.

potassium sorbate (preservative)

A preservative that inhibits the growth of yeast, moulds and bacteria in products.

purified water

Water pure of chemicals, minerals and other harmful elements that could otherwise damage the skin.

Papaya fruit extract

Carica papaya

Perfect for acne-prone and blemished skin, papaya fruit extract smoothes, soothes and brightens while removing dead skin cells.


quinoa seed extract

Chenopodium quinoa

Quinoa seed extract is a nutritious natural ingredient known for hydrating and brightening skin and boosting collagen production. Similarly, in haircare quinoa seed extract strengthens, protects and repels scalp damage.


red clay

A natural soap colourant that draws out impurities while conditioning and nourishing skin.

rose geranium oil

pelargonium graveolens

This skincare ingredient perfect for combination skin and is known to balance oil production.

rose geranium oil

pelargonium x asperum

An astringent that tightens pores, brightens dull skin and removes dead skin cells.

rose geranium oil

pelargonium capitatum

An astringent that tightens pores, brightens dull skin and removes dead skin cells.

rose hip oil

rosa rubiginosa

Known as the 'healing oil', rose hip is packed with antioxidants, skin-friendly vitamins and essential fatty acids to lock in moisture regenerate dead skin cells.

rosemary extract

rosmarinus officinalis

Jam-packed with antioxidants, rosemary extract is used in skincare for its protective, healing properties. It has a fresh, herbaceous, earthy scent.


sage oil

salvia lavandulaefolia

Anti-fungal and antibacterial, sage oil is known for its deeply regenerative properties, deeply cleans and hydrates irritated skin. Has a sharp, fresh and very herbaceous scent.

sandalwood oil

santalum spicatum

An anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredient used to nourish, increase elasticity and even out pigmentation and texture. Has a deep woody and balsamic aroma.

seaweed extract

ascophyllum nodosum

Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, seaweed extract improves texture and gives rich hydration to leave skin soothe and supple.

shea butter

butyrospermum parkii

Hailed for its protective and healing emollient properties, shea butter also boasts anti-inflammatory properties making it beneficial for treating dry, ageing or problematic skin.

sodium benzoate (preservative)

A preservative that inhibits the growth of yeast, moulds and bacteria in products.

sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (sugar base)

A surfactant with foam-boosting properties that helps mildly cleanse the skin.

sorbic acid (preservative)

A preservative that inhibits the growth of yeast, moulds and bacteria in products.

soy bean oil

soja hispida

With a high concentration of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, soy bean oil strengthens and protects the skin's moisture barrier while restoring collagen production.

spearmint oil

mentha spicata

An anti-fungal ingredient used to reduce skin rashes and stop itching. Has a strong minty, invigorating and deodorising effect.

sweet almond oil

prunis dulcis

A popular emollient and 'carrier oil' known for its ability to soften and recondition the skin after damage.


ground turmeric

curcuma longa

A powerful antioxidant and natural colouring ingredient that can reduce dark spots, blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

tangerine oil

citrus reticulata var tangerine

Best known for its calming properties, tangerine oil treats irritation and reduces the appearance of acne and scars. Has a light, fresh and fruity aroma.


unrefined honey


Rich with antioxidants and packed with other vitamins and minerals to reduce inflammation, heal damaged skin and even out skin tone.


vanilla extract

vanilla planifolia

Acting as a neutraliser to free radicals on the skin, vanilla extract is an antibacterial natural exfoliant that works to relax and reduce inflammation. It has a sweet, syrupy and cosy aroma.

vegetable glycerine

Vegetable glycerine works to soften, smooth and soothe rough, textured and inflamed skin. It can be used on excessively dry or cracked skin to even out gaps and provide a smooth, even complexion.

vitamin E

tocopheryl acetate

An antioxidant-rich active ingredient, Vitamin E helps nourish and protect skin from damage caused by free radicals.


ground walnut shell

juglans regia

A gentle, natural ingredient, great for physical exfoliation without irritation.

wattleseed extract

acacia victoriae

Promoting hydration, fighting wrinkles and inflammation, this 'super-seed' is used most commonly toto soothe and calm irritated skin.


triticum vulgare

A nourishing ingredient that prevents moisture loss and helps soothe red, irritated or sunburnt skin.

witch hazel extract

hamamelis virginiana bark/twig

One of nature's best astringents, witch hazel is particularly beneficial in balancing oil and clearing dirty pores.



ylang ylang oil

cananga odorata

Effective for fighting anti-ageing and open pores, ylang-ylang works well on blemishes due to its antibacterial properties. It has mood-enhancing properties that stimulate the senses with an exotic floral and custardy scent.