Our Story

Louis and Edwina Scherini


Diagnosed with eczema and advised by doctors against the use of soap or shampoo, Louis and Edwina Scherini’s three young children were the inspiration behind Vasse Virgin. Inspired to create a safe, chemical free alternative for their children they soon realised the only way they could guarantee that the products were natural and healthy was to make their own. The Scherini’s then began experimenting in their kitchen using a bucket and a wooden spoon. It was here in this moment, they first discovered the healing powers of extra virgin olive oil and a new soap product was born.

After experimenting with many different recipes and ingredients they finally came up with a range of soap bars using a traditional cold process method of soap making with extra virgin olive oil as the main base, along with ingredients carefully chosen not only for their therapeutic values but because each must also work as a skin care product. 100% pure essential oils and plant extracts are used to add perfume to the products in order to rejuvenate and maintain healthy skin. Organically grown teas, clays, flowers, herbs and spices then add texture and colour into the soap range.

In our experience the commitment to using extra virgin olive oil as the base ingredient for our products is fundamental to our success. The history of olive oil mirrors the history of western civilisation. It has truly unique characteristics which can benefit even the most sensitive of skin types. It is our aim to produce a range of products that are not only mild and gentle on sensitive skin, but are also luxurious products that your body can savour.


Word spreads and the healing soap becomes more and more popular, encouraging Louis and Edwina to develop their product to include moisturising lotions, soothing skin balms, and bath and massage oils – all products which would become the fore runners of the Vasse Virgin's skin care success.


Louis and Edwina become increasingly busy producing their line of skin care for contract manufacturing and wholesale distribution across Australia. Word-of-mouth continues to spread and soon they are producing the skin care range for international consumers.


The natural products are experiencing such strong customer demand that the range is offered to the general public. Under the name ‘The Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory’ the company first opened its doors in famous Margaret River. It was here where their customers could now experience for the first time, the benefits of natural soaps and skin care products in a relaxed atmosphere.


With the product proving so popular, ‘Vasse Virgin’ becomes the new brand and the use of olives is further expanded to include a gourmet food range. Under the watchful eye of a specialist Chef, Vasse Virgin's range of delicious olive oil gourmet food products make their début. Including:

  • Estate grown and Western Australian olives
  • Extra virgin olive oils
  • Balsamic vinegars and fruit vinaigrettes
  • A range of condiments designed to showcase both the olive and olive oil


The company expanded to open a second store in the township of Margaret River itself, catering to customers without the time or the means to visit the original premises. Loved by locals, and adored by visitors, Vasse Virgin's sister store provides the same unique and tranquil personalised experience, with the complete range of natural soaps, skin care, home wares and gourmet foods.


Today, nestled amongst the vine covered slopes and sweeping national parks of Western Australia's South West Region, Vasse Virgin is now a popular tourist hot spot, where visitors are welcome to witness the making of handmade soap and to test and taste the products of the healing olive tree. Experiencing such strong customer demand,  Vasse Virgin is set to open yet another retail store. Looking to the future, the Vasse Virgin brand is growing once more and will yet become available to customers the world over. 


Work begins on the newest Vasse Virgin Factory at Seppeltsfield in the Barossa, South Australia. A pop-up store opens over the Summer within the Seppeltsfield site while work continues on restoring the 200-year-old Vinegar Factory where the new Vasse Virgin Factory will be housed.


The newest Vasse Virgin Factory officially opens at Seppeltsfield Village in March 2018. Offering visitors the full skincare range, plenty of gourmet food and our hands-on workshops, the new Factory has become a must-see in the region. Vasse Virgin at Seppeltsfield wins gold at the South Australian Tourism Awards in the category of New Tourism Business.


Vasse Virgin at Seppeltsfield wins Bronze at the national Qantas Australian Tourism Awards for Best New Tourism Business. 

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