Reusing your Vasse Virgin Jars

We asked our customers how they get creative and reuse their Vasse Virgin product jars and we got some great suggestions! Read on to discover some new ways to repurpose your jars, and leave us a comment with your own ideas!

Always ensure the jars are completely cleaned with hot soapy water and dried properly before reusing.

  • Use jars that contained food products to pack yoghurt, fruit, bircher muesli or any other snacks for work or school lunches. Our favourite is almond bircher muesli topped with fresh fruit and pickled blueberries.
  • Plant succulents in the jars.
  • Use balsamic or olive oil bottles as vases
  • Store bathroom items such as cotton wool balls, or makeup removing pads.
  • Use small jars like the fig paste jar or empty lip balm pots to decant moisturisers into for travel.