June 2015

Hi. I just wanted to say thanks for producing such wonderful products. I have suffered with eczema my entire life. I discovered your products when we visited Margaret river in January this year. I purchased the mandarin and vanilla body lotion and some soaps. I must admit i didn't  think they would help my eczema in fact i was concerned that they may make it worse.  But i brought the products and have been using them for the last 6 months and i cant believe the difference. At 40 years of age i no longer have any signs of eczema. My eczema cleared up totally within about 4 weeks of commencing using your products. I have been totally amazed by this. This really has made a big difference to my life. I am a registered nurse and always have my arms exposed when i am working. I know longer have to feel concerned about my red and inflamed skin being exposed. I can now wear any clothing i like without having to feel self conscious about my eczema. I don't know if my eczema will return but for now i am thankful for the time i have had with no symptoms.  I will continue to use your products and have already recommended them to others.  Thanks. Bianca