February 2015

Dear Louis and Edwina, you have probably received many 'thank you' letters, telling you how you have changed people's lives with your wonderful, pure products. Here's hoping you can stand another one! Eczema was a major feature in my infancy and childhood. Rashes. Itchiness. And everything that goes with it: avoiding foods, creams, etc. Amazingly, it all went away for about 30 years. Then it returned to tyrannise my retirement. Some days it felt as though my hands were severely burnt. A school friend of mine, who married an 'Ozzie' from Perth, was aware of my challenge and was sympathetic, as her brother had endured the same thing growing up. She mentioned Vasse Virgin to me on January 19th, telling me about how your products helped her three children defeat eczema and how it had healed her own skin problems. Within an hour I had ordered 4 of your creams. They arrived on Monday February 2nd. It felt like opening a Christmas gift! Within a few minutes after applying the balm, it felt like the flames had been extinguished. And over the past 9 days, my skin has continued to improve. I scarcely use cortisone any more (such terrible stuff!). I no longer feel like ripping my fingers off with the crazy itchiness. Pink skin has replaced the angry red. Thank you. Most profoundly, thank you. Sincerely, Laura