July 2014

I first visited your place with my girlfriends and fell in love with the shop! I decided to give it a chance and bought Gardener's hand scrub and Chamomile and Lavender body scrub for my fiancé as he worked in the mining industry, fixing machinery everyday which exposed him to all kinds of dirt and oil. A lovely lady at your shop recommended the Gardener's hand scrub for his face, body and hands as male's skin can tolerate more coarse scrub. He was very suspicious first trying the products but we had to do another trip to Margaret River when we both started using the products daily. He was the first one to rush to the basins as he wanted to try other products too! He managed to convince my friend's partner to buy some products too. I laughed in the shop and said if you ever needed a man to advertise your products, he would be perfect. We have also ordered products online, which is great if we cannot make it to Margaret River. My fiancé has almost finished the last two jars of body and feet scrub so I will definitely order more soon. Elisa