February 2009

Just received your newsletter and I thought I would give you some feedback on the after sun soother I purchased in January. I came into the shop in January to purchase more soap and face cream and my 11 year old daughter had badly sunburnt shoulders at the time. One of your helpful staff members recommended we try the Aqua after sun soother. Well it worked a miracle. It gave my daughter instant relief and now her shoulders show no sign of sunburn. The skin did peel but we kept applying the lotion and it really made a difference. While I am sending all these accolades to you I will add another one. My 14 year old daughter has had dry redness around her nose for a couple of years on and off. This always got worse over the summer swimming in chlorine (she plays water polo). I gave her a cake of my olive oil soap to try and she has had not one bit of problem this entire summer. So keep up the good work! Peta