New Range Alert: Men's Range

Meet our brand new men’s range - Sandalwood, White Cypress & Orange Blossom.

With a sophisticated masculine scent, our new range features powerful natural active ingredients. We’ve also introduced three brand new products for men!

Natural skincare for men

Your body’s important to you. You eat the greens. Drink the protein shakes. Hit the gym. Pound the pavement. But what about your skin? Yeah - just the body's largest organ, visible to everyone. It deserves the same level of same care you take on the inside.

Between harsh Australian weather conditions (hello, drying wind and damaging sun), air pollution (free radicals) and shaving (ugh, ingrowns), men’s skin can get a little worse for wear.

But don’t worry - we’ve simplified things for you. Think of our Sandalwood, White Cypress & Orange Blossom range as your holy grail of skin, hair and beard care. Follow four simple steps to start your journey to healthy skin and hair.

Explore the brand new Sandalwood, White Cypress & Orange Blossom Men’s Range


Restorative & Cleansing
Olive Oil Shampoo for Men 

Replenishing & Hydrating
Olive Oil Conditioner for Men

 Our brand new naturally nourishing shampoo and conditioner are perfect for keeping men’s hair soft and healthy. Rich in natural active ingredients, our two-step hair routine is brimming with Australian extra virgin olive oil and pure plant extracts.

Horsetail herb: strengthens and adds healthy sheen

Quinoa seed extract: strengthens and protects against damage and breakage

Meadowfoam seed oil: hyrdrates, detangles and de-frizzes

Argan oil: locks in moisture and adds gloss


Woody & Fresh
Shaving Soap for Men 

Our brand new shaving soap is mild and gentle, specifically designed for extra dry skin. Containing extra virgin olive oil and other rich, hydrating botanicals, this shaving soap is perfect for anyone with a beard.


Softening & Conditioning
Beard Shampoo for Men

Made with coarse and curly facial hair in mind, this brand-new product for men is brimming with powerful actives to stop in-growns in their tracks and leave your beard soft to the touch.

Horsetail herb: strengthens and adds healthy sheen

Organic apple extract: deeply moisturises and smoothes rough skin

Broccoli seed oil: detangles and softens coarse and curly hair

Flaxseed oil: anti-inflammatory and stimulating


Soothing & Nourishing
Olive Oil Aftershave for Men

Replenish and rehydrate the skin after shaving with a fresh aftershave lotion. Containing hydrating and rejuvenating natural active ingredients, our aftershave soothes irritation while gently moisturising.

Carrot infused oil: hydrates and rejuvenates the base layer of the skin

Organic apple extract: moisturises and soothes roughness

Broccoli seed oil: non-greasy and hydrating



Exfoliating & Refreshing
Facial Scrub 

This luxurious facial scrub is the first of its kind in a men’s range. Containing powerful natural active ingredients, this scrub is sure to rejuvenate even the dullest skin.

Golden hemp oil: balances oil production

Liquorice root: brightens skin and aids hyperpigmentation

Manuka honey: balances pH, sloughs away dead skin and treats inflammation

Papaya fruit extract: smoothes, soothes and brightens blemished skin

Seaweed extract: promotes skin cell regeneration and boosts collagen production



Nourishing & Softening
Facial Moisturiser

Perfect for all skin types including sun-damaged and dry skin, our brand new men’s Facial Moisturiser is a lightweight, fresh addition to a simple skincare routine. 

Carrot infused oil: hydrates and rejuvenates the base layer of the skin

Organic apple extract: moisturises and soothes roughness

Broccoli seed oil: non-greasy and hydrating

Hyaluronic acid: boosts hydration and radiance


Let’s talk scent

We know you don’t want to walk around with a face slick with sickly-sweet product. We innovated this scent to appeal to men: it’s warm and woody, with an undeniable citrusy brightness.

Sophistication personified, this clean but sensuous blend will linger lightly as you power through your day.

Base notes:

White Cypress Oil - earthy, piney, energising
Sandalwood - warm, syrupy, sensual

Top notes:

Wild Juniper Berry - sappy, bitter, fresh
Orange Blossom - soapy, citrusy, uplifting

Your routine made simple

  1. Start with hair

    Lather up our invigorating Shampoo to stimulate hair growth and protect against damage with powerful horsetail herb and quinoa seed extract, and Conditioner with softening argan and meadowfoam seed oil to leave locks soft.
  1. And then facial hair

    Next, massage in Beard Shampoo containing broccoli seed oil to detangle and soften coarse and curly hair.

    If you’re shaving, we recommend the Shaving Soap. Soft and moisturising, it contains soothing olive oil and shea butter to hydrate and reduce irritation.

    Finish up with our Aftershave, a light and hydrating cream to balance pores and soothe skin with carrot infused oil.
  1. Time for skin!

    Scrub away impurities and leave your skin’s surface moisturised and protected with out Facial Scrub, which features anti-inflammatory Manuka honey to slough dead skin away, and richly-hydrating seaweed extract to rejuvenate and boost collagen production.

Next is our never-greasy Facial Moisturiser, featuring hydrating hyaluronic acid and carrot infused oil to promote a fresh, youthful appearance.