Eczema and Sensitive Skin

Among our other ranges, you may know that we carry skin, body and hair care products suitable for sensitive or eczematic skin. What you may not know is that Vasse Virgin was founded for that exact purpose.

When Vasse Virgin founders Louis and Edwina Scherini’s three children were diagnosed with eczema, their doctors advised against using any soaps or shampoos. Determined to find a safe, chemical-free alternative for their children, they researched the best products and ingredients available for skin with eczema.

Having learnt about the healing powers of extra virgin olive oil and the soothing benefits of natural plant extracts and essential oils, the couple created Vasse Virgin’s inaugural Chamomile & Lavender Olive Oil Soap and Soothing Skin Balm.

What is Eczema?

Ten to fifteen per cent of Australians live with the skin condition eczema - also called atopic dermatitis. A non-infectious, inflammatory skin condition, eczema causes dryness, itchiness and rashes on the skin.

Eczema can start in young babies, and children either outgrow it or continue to experience flare-ups into adulthood. Although less common, eczema can also occur for the first time in adulthood. Although there is no ‘cure’ for eczema, there are treatments that are successful in managing and reducing eczema flareups.


What is Sensitive Skin?

‘Sensitive skin’ is a broad term to describe skin prone to inflammation and irritation. Both oily and dry skin types can have sensitive skin. Some signs of sensitive skin include redness, itching, flaking and rash. 

Sensitive skin is not a diagnosis but a symptom of another condition - like a skin disorder (eczema, rosacea) or allergic skin reaction to clothes, jewellery, detergents or other products.


Chamomile and Lavender Range

Vasse Virgin’s first ever Chamomile & Lavender range was born out of necessity. Through Louis and Edwina Scherini’s research into all-natural, soothing ingredients, they first created the Lavender & Chamomile Olive Oil Soap and Soothing Skin Balm for their three eczematic children.

When used in skin care products, chamomile is a powerful antioxidant that soothes and heals eczema, inflammation and other skin conditions and infections. Chamomile and lavender can reduce redness and irritation, two common symptoms of eczema and sensitive skin. Lavender in skincare is used to naturally reduce inflammation, decrease discomfort or pain, and gently clean the skin. 

We blend plant extracts and essential oils with antioxidant-rich Australian extra virgin olive oil to intensely hydrate and nourish dry, red, itchy, flakey or rashed skin.

Today our range for sensitive skin and eczema includes over fifteen products and gifts, ranging from unscented soaps to shampoo and conditioner, body scrubs and treatment oils.




All-natural ingredients

Products that use artificial dyes and colourants can cause many skin issues, from itchy, dry skin to eczema and dermatitis. Our all-natural, products contain 100% pure essential oils and plant extracts.  None of our products contains artificial additives, preservatives, fragrances or colourants; instead using effective natural alternatives.

Committed to reducing our carbon footprint from the production of our products to our packaging and everyday products, we create all our products on-site in Wilyabrup, WA and Seppeltsfield, SA.

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Love letters from our customers


I just wanted to say thanks for producing such wonderful products.

I have suffered with eczema my entire life. I discovered your products when we visited Margaret river in January this year. 

I purchased the Mandarin & Vanilla Body Lotion and some soaps. I must admit, I didn’t think they would help my eczema - in fact, I was concerned that they may make it worse. But I brought the products and have been using them for the last six months, and I can’t believe the difference.

At 40 years of age, I no longer have any signs of eczema. My eczema has cleared up totally within about four weeks of commencing using your products. I have been totally amazed by this. This really has made a big difference to my life.

I am a registered nurse and always have my arms exposed when I am working. I no longer have to feel concerned about my red and inflamed skin being exposed. I can now wear any clothing I like without having to feel self-conscious about my eczema.

I don’t know if my eczema will return, but for now I am thankful for the time I have had with no symptoms. 

I will continue to use your products and have already recommended them to others.

Thanks, Bianca

Dear Louis and Edwina,

You have probably received many ‘thank you’ letters telling you how you have changed people’s lives with your wonderful, pure products. Here’s hoping you can stand another one!

Eczema was a major feature in my infancy and childhood: rashes, itchiness and everything that goes along with it, like avoiding certain foods, creams, etc. 

Amazingly, it all went away for about thirty years. Then it returned to tyrannise my retirement. Some days it felt as though my hands were severely burnt. A school friend of mine, who married an ‘Ozzie’ from Perth, was aware of my challenge and was sympathetic, as her brother had endured the same thing growing up.

She mentioned Vasse Virgin to me on January 19th, telling me about how your products helped her three children defeat eczema and how it had healed her own skin problems. Within an hour I had ordered four of your creams.

They arrived on Monday, February 2nd. It felt like opening a Christmas gift! Within a few minutes after applying the balm, it felt like the flames had been extinguished. And over the past nine days, my skin has continued to improve. 

I scarcely use cortisone anymore (such terrible stuff!). I no longer feel like ripping my fingers off with the crazy itchiness. Pink skin has replaced the angry red.

Thank you. Most profoundly, thank you.

Sincerely, Laura