Carrot Infused Oil for Shaving

Soothing qualities of Carrot Infused Oil

Carrot infused oil is a traditional skincare ingredient used in the treatment of all types of skin conditions. It works to nourish and hydrate all skin types, and especially the skin that needs a bit of extra love.

Carrot Infused oil is made by dehydrating and infusing the Daucus Carota, or the common edible carrot into a blend of carrier oils.  

 Carrot oil is great for soothing:
- Shaving rashes
- Irritated and stressed skin
- Revitalising tired and dull skin

How is carrot infused oil made?

carrot infused oil for shaving - vasse virgin

The dehydrated carrot is left to macerate for a long period while the carrier oil is infused with the following:

  • Beta carotene, which also gives the oil its rich orange colour
  • Carotenoids and anti-oxidants that help to protect the skin
  • Vitamin A, a gentle anti-oxidant that helps to maintain healthy skin
  • Vitamin E, a useful anti-inflammatory that promotes wound healing and is an exceptional moisturiser


Carrot infused oil soothes shaving rash

Carrot Infused oils is known for its anti-oxidant qualities, revitalising skin cells and its ability to reduce age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Carrot infused oil can be used directly on the skin as a topical treatment. 

  • Healing effects on skin rashes
  • Sensitivities around shaving
  • Improves skin elasticity


    Five steps to the perfect shave

    1. Warm your skin by splashing with warm water.
    2. Lather the soap, either using a shaving brush or your hands, a shaving brush exfoliates and lifts the hair.
    3. Use a high quality shaver with a sharp blade.
    4. Rinse with cool water to close the pores.
    5. Moisturise with a cream based aftershave to soften and soothe the skin.


    Where can you find carrot infused oil in our products?

    You will find carrot infused oil in our range of Citrus Twist Men's range.

    Citrus Twist Shaving Soap has a rich gentle lather with  added shea butter and cocoa butter to encourage a smooth shave without  drag or resistance when shaving. No harsh chemicals or artificial colourants or fragrance. Scented with a fresh aroma of West Indian lime, woody patchouli and spicy cinnamon and black pepper its a refreshing take on traditional men's fragrances. 

    If you have sensitive skin or suffer from rashes when shaving you can find our range of Citrus Twist Shaving Soap or Aftershave here.