Vasse Virgin invites Sir Richard Branson to visit

Famous for his can-do winning attitude, the "smiley bearded guy" is being sent a personal invitation to visit the Margaret River Region on his next trip to Australia. 


Sir Richard Branson will soon be visiting Australia to speak at the National Achiever's Congress in Sydney 8th-12th September 2015. We're taking the opportunity to extend the proverbial olive branch to Sir Branson and his company, and invite him to visit our little factory in Margaret River.

After recently winning the right to register our business' new trademark, the lengthy and costly legal battle between Vasse Virgin and Virgin Enterprises Limited is now at an end. We want to let bygones be bygones and show Sir Branson what a fantastic region we all live in. In a collaboration with other local businesses, we produced a 1 minute video invitation to personally invite Sir Branson to visit the Margaret River Region and indulge in some of it's various activities we know he'll be keen on: such as kitesurfing, wine-tasting, and of course, extra virgin olive oil! The proverbial olive branch is to show our true Aussie spirit - that we want to put a positive spin on the case and show we harbour no ill will. 


We know that Sir Richard Branson is coming to Sydney soon for a startup entrepreneurial conference, and we think he should take the time to come and see the company and break bread - with olive oil - with us.


The local Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association has also thrown it's weight behind our campaign and is helping to further it's reach, along with Australia's South West and Tourism Western Australia. "The #RichardtotheRegion campaign is a great idea" Business Development Manager, Mr Tony Fletcher said. "The idea would be to appeal to Sir Richard's sense of goodwill, to show the world he is a 'good sport' and recognises the importance of fair play."

Help us to make this a reality by spreading the word - share the video to your own social pages and tell all your friends - and upload your own short clip explaining why YOU want Sir Richard to visit or leave a comment on our Facebook page. Let's work together to get Sir Richard Branson to come on down to the Margaret River Region!


Statement received, in September 2015, from Sir Richard Branson: 

Thank you so much for your delightful invitation. I love Western Australia and although my schedule won't permit a visit in September I do hope to get over there next time to enjoy what the wonderful region has to offer.