4 Reasons Vasse Virgin Doesn't Have Samples


We love interacting with all of our 'virgins', whether you’re chatting with us over the phone or we’re meeting in store for the first time. In some of these encounters a request for sample sizes pops up and we thought we’d share with you all why we don’t send out samples.

1. Scent isn’t everything, trust me

The concept of ‘try before you buy’ is a big deal, we get it, and we do our best to provide you with a detailed description of our soaps and skin care products with high quality images to demonstrate as much as possible. If we could, we’d offer a scratch ‘n sniff version of our online store, but we don’t think that technology exists just yet. Unfortunately, a tiny sample size of product doesn’t provide an accurate experience of using said product, often it’s too small for more than one wash/application and may even put you off our products because you didn’t receive the ultimate olive oil experience we want you to have.

2. Natural benefits don’t happen overnight

Sure, we’d like to picture every one of our customers emerging from their first Vasse Virgin product experience with perfectly nourished skin and an appreciation for the lingering scent of pure essential oils. In reality, it might take a few showers/applications to figure out how to best make our products work for you. Furthermore, we are often approached by customers looking to combat a pesky skin condition or similar problem because they've heard of our origin story. The experts say that it can take our skin roughly 6 – 8 weeks to complete a full cycle of regeneration, and this same amount of time to see the resulting benefits of using natural skin care products particularly where a skin condition is concerned. Sadly, a sample size of soap wouldn’t let you wash your hands 6  8 times let alone anything else…

3. Logistics are tough in this big country of ours

You know it, we know it, everybody knows it – posting something to another location in this vast country usually brings on a headache. We have considered samples, and we toss around the idea every once in a while, because you do ask about it, and we want you to feel comfortable trying Vasse Virgin products for the first time. Unfortunately, the cost of creating the soaps or products, the time spent splitting up tiny samples, packaging, labelling and shipping them individually, all adds another level of expense to our operating budget, which eventually trickles down to our most valued patron – you – and we strive to provide you with high quality products that don’t cost the earth. Or your piggy bank.

4. Value matters to us and we want the best for you

Customer satisfaction ranks as top priority for us – putting our integrity on the line with every product we make. We want to give our people the chance to fully experience our products while having the option of a replacement or a refund if it doesn’t live up to their expectations, and that experience simply can’t be replicated with a sample. Our friendly team are on hand 363 days of the year to assist with your questions, concerns, confusions, or just general feedback and we will do our best to match a product to your specific needs.