Ultimate Hinterland Hand Repair

Ultimate Hinterland Hand Repair

The ultimate hand repair pack has a  luxurious shea butter based hand scrub, a gentle vegetable based cleansing foam using coconut oil to create a thick lather and a thick extra virgin olive oil hand lotion to repair dry and scaly skin from cold winter winds or regular hand washing and sanitising.

The scrub offers gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin and a luxurious, deeply moisturising shea butter and olive oil base that smooths and refines the skin.  100% natural and scented with pure plant extracts and essential oils. Our lotions are created using only the finest of natural ingredients, native Australian extracts and extra virgin olive oil, producing a rejuvenating and refining lotion.

Available in two fragrances,  Wattle seed and Kakadu Plum

Wattle Seed: Nourishing and regenerating, wattle seed contains anti-oxidants to promote collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. A natural astringent to cleanse and refine the pores, wattle seed’s high levels of amino acids provide the skin with essential proteins. Known as a good skin-conditioning agent traditionally used for its medicinal properties. A range well suited to young skin or those experiencing sensitivity.

Kakadu Plum:  Antioxidant rich super fruit Kakadu plum packs a punch, with one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C in the world, to plump and restore the skin’s natural production of collagen and restore elasticity. Skin emerges brighter and more protected against environmental ageing. Formulated for those combating oily or combination skin. 

Scrub ingredients:
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