The Olive Grove

With a history that mirrors western civilisation, olive oil has long been regarded as a true force of nature. Dating back approximately 6,000 years olive oil was long considered sacred and used by our ancestors for health, beauty, in cooking, around the home, and in religious ceremonies. The synergy of man-kind and olive oil formed a large part of many countries agriculture industries and quickly became a world-wide trade. Connected to their diet, health, religion and trade, the appreciation for olive oil was a large part of many cultures. In fact it was so highly valued, the ancient Greeks even proposed a law whereby the cutting down of an olive tree was punishable by death. Today, olive oil is still believed to contain many valuable properties, such as high levels of antioxidants, and is relied upon in much the same way as it was many centuries before. 

At Vasse Virgin o
ur commitment to using only the finest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a desire to source local produce wherever possible, has meant the olive oil used in our soap manufacturing comes directly from our very own Olive Grove. Set amongst 700 acres of picturesque vineyards, our Olive Grove is consistently maintained under the watchful eye of Mark Bahen. The 250 olive trees and surrounding vineyards are managed using organic principles, with no chemical fertilisers or sprays. In 2014, Mark Bahen joined Edwina & Louis Scherini to complete an internationally-accredited course where they became three of the first Olive Oil Sommeliers in Australia. 

Our visitors can grasp the opportunity to learn more about this unique industry by visiting the Olive Grove. Discover the journey of processing olive oil from tree to soap bar, or participate in a hosted olive oil tasting. Visit us soon to enjoy the ultimate olive oil experience at Vasse Virgin.