Behind the Scenes


Here at Vasse Virgin, we recognise the importance of crafting natural skin and body care products that are as gentle on the environment as they are on our skin. Our talented team constantly strive to formulate products which showcase the truly unique and therapeutic benefits of natural ingredients whilst maintaining a small carbon footprint. - Edwina Scherini  |  Founder

In our experience, the commitment to using extra virgin olive oil as the base for our products has been fundamental to our success. The history of olive oil mirrors the history of western civilisation. It has truly unique characteristics which can benefit even the most sensitive of skins. All of our soaps and skin care products are thus crafted using Australian extra virgin olive oil and a selection of nature’s finest ingredients such as organically grown teas, pure essential oils, fruit extracts, dried flowers, ochres and clays, whole grains, herbs, nuts, seeds, spices and ground stone.


Carrying on from the tradition which Edwina and Louis Scherini began nearly 20 years ago in their farm kitchen, our unique raw soap bars are still made employing the very same method and using the very same gentle (and closely guarded) recipes. With such a passion for natural soap, they soon saw an expanded skin care range which now includes various body lotions, skin balms, bath and massage oils, facial moisturisers, cleansers, hair care products and so much more. Our talented production team still ensure that everything is made by hand wherever possible, and is then also packaged, wrapped and labelled completely by hand too. All of Vasse Virgin's cosmetic packaging, labelling and gift wrap is 100% recyclable, including PET bottles.

We made the decision a long time ago to remain true to crafting products that are as equally gentle on the body as they are on the environment. This means you won't find palm oil in our soap bars, or micro beads in our skin care products. By sticking to our ethos, we create products that are not only gentle on the environment, avoiding deforestation or water pollution and other harmful industries, but ensures that we can deliver a personally crafted product to you, each and every time. Witness the team in action by visiting our Soap Factory, where you can watch them hand craft the products daily. 


In a region already famed for its fresh produce and culinary expertise, Vasse Virgin quickly sought to create it's own gourmet food range. Developed under the same vision as our natural skin care, all of the food products are created by using as little machinery as possible by our very own Vasse Virgin Chef, who sources all of his natural ingredients and does not include artificial preservatives or additives in any of his authentic recipes. Many of the gourmet condiments have been recreated by using traditional recipes handed down through the Scherini family. Next time you visit, try our Chilli Jam. It's a beautiful sweet and spicy concoction passed down from Louis' own grandmother Ava!

It is our aim to produce a range of products that are not only mild and gentle on even the most sensitive of skins, but are also luxurious high-quality products that your body can truly savour. We're quite sure you can find something for everyone at our Soap Factory. Visit us soon to enjoy the ultimate olive oil experience, and feel the difference, at Vasse Virgin.