Essential oil room diffuser

Essential oil room diffuser

A long-time favourite of Vasse Virgin's regulars, our beautiful Room Diffusers both invigorate your senses and gently scent the home with a fragrant blend of pure essential oils.

Rose, Vanilla, Lemon & Lavender

Floral, sweet and woody.

Lavender, Bergamot & Cedarwood

Soft, fresh floral notes, relaxing and calming.


Fresh, green floral notes.

Mandarin & Vanilla

Fresh, fruity, soft vanilla notes.

How to use:

Empty essential oil mixture into glass jar and replace the lid. Place bamboo reeds into the oil. Allow approximately four hours for the reeds to draw up the oil, then turn upside down occasionally to release fragrance. 

Contains: 1x 100ml bottle of pure essential oils, 1x 100ml glass jar, and 1x bundle of Bamboo Reeds.

This product is currently unavailable to be sent to international destinations. 

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