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Vegan and Vegetarian Products at Vasse Virgin

Most Vasse Virgin products are vegan or vegetarian, and all of our skincare products are certified cruelty free. See below for specific products that are either vegan or vegetarian:


All massage oils

All body lotions

All facial moisturisers

All facial cleansers

All shower gels

All hand lotions

Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

All scrubs and bath salts

Chamomile & Lavender Rejuvenating Treatment

Citrus Twist After Shave Lotion

Citrus Twist Shaving Soap

Sweet Feet Lotion

All cleansing foams

All soap mitts

All room diffusers

All soy candles

All room aroma sprays

All shampoos

All conditioners

All soaps/body bars EXCEPT:

  • Lemongrass, honey & wheatgerm
  • Honey & wheatgerm
  • Rooibos Tea, honey & almond
  • Cucumber & goat’s milk
  • Kid’s soap

All olives

All olive oils

All flavoured olive oils

Beetroot relish

All vinaigrettes

All dukkahs

Chilli jam

Citrus & rosemary marmalade

All gourmet salts

Chilli Balsamic

Strawberry & balsamic jam

Pickled blueberries

Pickle chillies

Pickled zucchini

White balsamic dressing

Zucchini relish

Green tomato chutney

Ginger and coriander dressing

Caramelised onion jam - available in store only

Sicilian pasta sauce - available in store only

Tomato and basil pasta sauce - available in store only

Sweet olive tapenade - available in store only



All lip balms (contain beeswax)

Lavender and chamomile soothing skin balm (contains beeswax)

Kid’s balm (contains beeswax)

Sweet feet balm (contains beeswax)

All beeswax candles

All Hinterland candles (contains beeswax)

Macadamia pesto

Lemongrass, honey & wheatgerm (contains honey)

Honey & wheatgerm (contains honey)

Rooibos Tea, honey & almond (contains honey)

Cucumber & goat’s milk (contains goat’s milk)

Kid’s soap (contains goat’s milk)

Fig and honey balsamic paste

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