Chamomile: the Gentle Giant of Skincare

Chamomile (pronounced cam-o-mile) is a flower that looks similar to a daisy with small white petals surround a tiny yellow pollen centre, and was originally found in tropical and sub-tropical regions. 

Nowadays, it’s grown commercially across Northern Africa and Europe, including Egypt, Hungary, France and Eastern Europe. 

There are two types of chamomile – Roman and German – and is often used as a herbal tea to help calm anxiety and unsettled stomachs.

Chamomile also helps to relieve the symptoms of hayfever, which is a perfect reminder as we head into Spring! 

The Benefits 

Chamomile oil is very potent, with only a few drops needed to be beneficial for your skin. It’s anti-inflammatory, stimulates skin growth and repair and high in antioxidants, making it both soothing and healing for skin irritations or sensitive skin types. 

How We Use It  

Amongst it’s amazing benefits, chamomile is incredibly gentle making it perfect for use on sensitive skin – our speciality! In our unique Vasse Virgin blend, we team the calming effects of chamomile with lavender and extra virgin olive oil to produce a blend of pure plant extract which offers a comforting and soothing feel.

The natural properties of olive oil, chamomile and lavender are extremely gentle, moisturising and nourishing on stressed and problem skin types, making it the perfect combination for sensitive skin types, children and the elderly. 

As always, we never use harsh additives, artificial fragrance or colourants in any of our Vasse Virgin products. 

Fun fact: Chamomile essential oil is one of the most expensive oils we use in the Soap Factory, with one litre costing around $3,500!


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